Grand Theft Auto Online Heist Teaser Sets The Stage For Next Week

by AOTF Staff

After much anticipation and preparation Rockstar Games will finally unleash heists onto Grand Theft Auto Online. Fans will have a lot to prepare themselves for as Rockstar Games looks to not only add heists but new features and additions as well.

Rockstar recently announced that heists is not going to be the only addition in the update. Players will see new dailies, new advarsary modes that will unlock as you progress through the various heists and even new freemode activities. Daily challenges allow players to complete three challenges, be it jobs or free roam missions, they all work towards earning GTA$ that can stack over a few days and earn players up to $500,000. New freemode activities include new missions from Lester, Lamar and even Trevor, to name a few. A brand new email notification system has been added to contact other GTA Online friends.

Rockstar has also released a very short teaser for Grand Theft Auto Online‘s heists. It is a setup for the Humane Labs Raid heist mission. Check it out below.

Grand Theft Auto Online will finally see the much anticipated heist update March 10th across all platforms. PC fans will get the mode once Grand Theft Auto V releases on April 14th.