Attack of the Fanboy

GTA V Live Action Commercial and the Return of Kifflom

by William Schwartz

Rockstar is kicking the GTA V marketing up a notch. Today, two new promotional pieces of the GTA V pie have been discovered. Rockstar and Take Two may be readying a live-action GTA V trailer, likely to be used in an upcoming commercial for the game.

Images discovered on Reddit have uncovered the set, a scene we’ve never seen from Rockstar in a real world setting. For San Andreas fans, Rockstar has also re-initiated the Epsilon Program via Twitter. The developers have begun a series of strange tweets from the fictitious religious cult of GTA IV fame, and Rockstar has also published a new video on the Rockstar Newswire.

Some are saying that the trailer is using in-game assets. Which means that the water and lighting effects in the Kifflom video could be representative of what we’ll find in the finished product this September.

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