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GTA Online Gets One of its Biggest Updates Ever with ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’

by Kyle Hanson


On June 7th GTA Online will receive an update that Rockstar is calling one of its “biggest and deepest updates yet”. The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update brings a ton of new gameplay mechanics to the game, altering how players will earn and spend their money. On top of this is a new batch of rare and expensive items to spend your hard earned GTA$ on.

“A giant leap up the corporate ladder following the VIP experience of Executives and Other Criminals, the Finance and Felony update gives players the opportunity to expand their organization and become CEO of their own Criminal Enterprise,” reads the Rockstar post detailing the update.

As the newly appointed CEO you will be able to buy and sell various contraband items across Los Santos. Buy low and sell high and you’ll walk away with a ton of GTA$, but do it poorly and you could attract some unwanted attention from the LSPD.

Rockstar is already promising some very nice and high end items to spend those extra dollars on, with the Pegassi Reaper looking very nice. More details should arrive alongside the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony GTA Online update, so get ready for June 7th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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