Attack of the Fanboy

GTA Online Independence Day starts today

by William Schwartz


Rockstar is pushing new content to GTA Online to celebrate Independence Day.    The update will include a couple of new rides, the Sovereign motorcycle and Liberator monster truck.  Since the update is “In Association with Ammunation”, there are new weapons as well.   A high-powered Musket and Fireworks Rocket Launcher will be available during the Independence Day celebration.

New properties will be available, which include “plenty of yard space”.  This yard space will come in handy when setting up your very own Fireworks showcase for the 4th of July.  12 different types of fireworks with variable fuse lengths will allow GTA Online players to put on their own shows.

The Independence Day content will also feature a slew of patriotic clothing a character stylings like haircuts and masks.

This seasonal GTA Online content will be available in-game from now until Mid-July.  The update will be applied automatically when turning on GTA V on the PS3 or Xbox 360.  Some players may also be required to update a compatibility pack before taking the update.


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