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GTA V Arrives on Xbox Game Pass Today

Gaming's best deal gets even better

by Kyle Hanson


One of gaming’s best deals got a whole lot better today as Microsoft announced the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service allows members to download and play a wide selection of games as long as they remain a subscriber. While this has been done before, few services have come close to offering as many or as high of quality titles, leading many to see this as the future of the Xbox brand and gaming in general. With GTA V, Xbox Game Pass receives one of the best selling titles of all time, and adds even more value for the $15 a month standard price.

Grand Theft Auto V first launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in September 2013. There have been many re-releases since then, including the highly lauded port to modern consoles and PC. Sales haven’t seemed to slow down since, with the game perpetually topping sales charts and keeping an audience of tens and hundreds of thousands of players. Now that the game has hit Xbox Game Pass even more players can join the fun without any added cost.

Of course, this success has also come at a bit of a price, with many fans disappointed that there has been no single player DLC for the six year old game. While the online multiplayer component has been updated and changed many times, the single player portion has languished. Of course, with rumors of a potential Grand Theft Auto VI around the corner, fans still have a lot to be anxious about. Could the Xbox Series X and PS5 be poised to receive GTA VI sometime near launch?

If not, at least everyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription can play the excellent GTA V, and the experience should transfer over to the newer console which was announced at The Game Awards.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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