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GTA V Launches on PC – Download and “Unpacking” Issues Plague Many

by Kyle Hanson


After waiting for almost two years gamers can finally play GTA V on PC, or they could if the servers were able to handle the load of millions of fans jumping on all at once. While it certainly isn’t a disaster like many other high profile launches, many are upset that they spent so much time pre-loading the game only to have to wait even longer to start as the game “unpacks” and/or downloads smaller updates. Anecdotally, our copy of the game is still “unpacking” via Steam almost an hour after the initial launch time.

While owners were able to pre-load the game before launch, allowing them to download the 60GB of data needed for the game, the launcher was locked down and encrypted until just about an hour ago. At that time owners had to download an update that would unlock and decrypt the game, allowing them to begin playing. While many were able to start fairly soon, as more players jumped on the download times stretched, leaving a lot of players waiting longer than expected for their GTA V action.

Rockstar commented on the matter in their latest update on Steam saying “So far, GTA 5 is a string of anxious ‘still unpacking’ tweets. We’re still unpacking it too, and we’ll see how it runs on the LPC when it launches.” It seems like the encryption of the 60GB worth of data was a bit too heavy, resulting in a lot of waiting for owners of the highly anticipated title. Hopefully things clear up soon and we can all get to blowing stuff up in Los Santos soon.

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