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[Update] Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets another unhelpful patch

by William Schwartz


Halo: The Master Chief Collection received another patch today on the Xbox One. The patch, which was supposed to fix matchmaking issues, appears to be, once again, not working for everyone. Social media, Reddit, and other places where Halo players congregate, are full of players complaining about the latest patch, claiming that in some cases, it’s made the game worse.

Reading the growing number of complaints, it appears that alot of people are getting the matchmaking errors that have been prevalent since launch. Today’s update was supposed to target “high-priority improvements,” according to 343. Faster match times and maintaining parties through matchmaking have been two big problems for the game, but there’s very little positive feedback to be seen.

Halo: The Master Chief early adopters are understandably getting restless. With multiple patches now come and gone, the experience is still not quite up to par for so many players. 343 seems to be aware that this patch was not a fix-all. They have another patch on deck for “early next week” which is aiming to alleviate team balance issues.

Update:Like others eagerly awaiting The Master Chief Collection to get into a fully functional state, we downloaded the latest update and hopped on to test multiplayer earlier today. We experienced many of the same issues that others had, but it turns out that those issues may have been more closely related to a problem with Xbox Live, rather than the patch itself.

As Xbox Live issues have subsided, this latest Master Chief Collection patch may have actually improved the game significantly. Downloading and applying the patch on another account, we noticed that matchmaking speed has improved a lot. The game we got into very quickly following the patch only had 8 players, but it was the quickest grouping than we’ve seen from the game since launch. You can check out the video below of that process.

Not shown in the video are subsequent tests for other playlists, which actually grouped quicker than what we managed to capture. Long story short, The Master Chief Collection may finally be getting to a playable state.

Is the Master Chief Collection getting better?

- This article was updated on:December 3rd, 2014

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