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Harmonix Announces Super Beat Sports for Nintendo Switch

by Jose Belmonte


Rhythm-games specialist Harmonix has announce a new game in development for Nintendo Switch. It is called Super Beat Sports, and it’s a compilation of sports-themed minigames with a musical twist. Players need to perform every action paying attention to the music in order to gain points. Additionally, every minigame has multiplayer support, making it a perfect title to play with friends at home or on the go.

The game is actually based on an Apple TV title called Beat Sports which offers the same five minigames, although this Nintendo Switch version adds new levels, the option of using Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller, new difficulty levels, and all the multiplayer features.

Some minigames are based on popular sports like hockey, tennis or voley, and they usually involve players hitting a ball at the right moment, following the beat of the soundtrack. Players can customize the outfit and bat of their character, with multitude of options and special designs available.

Super Beat Sports is expected to launch worldwide this fall. Visit the official website for more information, and watch a gameplay trailer below.

Super Beat Sports Gameplay Video

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