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Heroes and Generals is Now in Open Beta


Heroes and Generals is now available to play for free in its open beta.

Heroes and Generals is a combined first person shooter and strategy game, massively multiplayer online game. It sounds confusing, but it’s pretty simple. In this game, you get to play as a soldier on the battlefield or as a general commanding units of soldiers on a larger campaign map during World War II.

Heroes and Generals is being developed by Reto-moto, an independent studio made up of original IO Interactive (the guys who made the Hitman series) people, and is being published by Square Enix.

Expect bugs, as this is still a beta, but from the general look of it, it definitely seems like its worth playing. Especially so if you are now sick and tired of all the modern shooters and look back fondly on the days of old when World War II shooters were the thing.

It is only being developed for PC so far, but they are working on porting to tablets and smartphones to some degree as well.

A concrete release date for the final version has not been announced, but it’s an online game, so who cares?

You can sign up to play right now here.

Heroes & Generals Beta

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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