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Hitman 3 Developer, IO Interactive, Reveals All Locations in Upcoming Entry

Master assassin, Agent 47, will be travelling to 6 location in Hitman 3 to conclude the World Assassination Trilogy.

by Chris Hepburn


Hitman 3 developer, IO Interactive, revealed all the locations that will be featured in the highly anticipated new entry of the long-running series.

The new game will feature 6 locations across 3 continents, North America not included, as stated on the developer’s website. Hitman 3 will conclude the World Assassination Trilogy that started in 2016 with the episodic release of Hitman. Later on, Hitman 2 had a traditional release with all locations on the disc.  IO Interactive has worked hard to make a proper conclusion to the trilogy with a focus on narrative storytelling.

Hitman 3 will start with Agent 47 at the opening ceremony of the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is known for having some of the world’s tallest buildings. The famous Dubai building Burj Kalif stands at 828 meters high.

The adventure will continue with Agent 47 being part of a murder mystery inside the Thornbridge Manor residing in Dartmoor, UK.

Agent 47 will then find himself in Berlin, Germany. A city that was ravaged by war now turned into a city full of fairytales, chaotic lifestyles, and a bumping rave scene.

The next mission will require maneuvering in the tightly packed streets of food stands, shops and the twisting turns within China’s megacity Chongqing, where secrets lie in abundance.

Try not to drink too much while working in Mendoza, Argentina known for the land’s beautiful hills and of course, the well-established wine district filled with modern vineyards.

The story will conclude in the Romania, Carpathian Mountains that promises to have a narrative-focused finale. The mountain’s real life counterpart is approximately 1,500 km (932 miles) and stands about 2,655 m high, making it the third-largest mountain range in Europe.

The amount of locations runs par with Hitman 2 that launched with 6 locations also. The title would later get a legacy DLC map pack adding in remastered locations, minus the training missions, from the first Hitman in the trilogy. The pack also included a Patient Zero campaign level. Hitman (2016) released in an episodic style for a total of 8 maps, 2 of which are training locations.

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