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Hotel Dusk Team Making A New 3DS Mystery Adventure Game

by Mike Guarino


The Hotel Dusk games on the DS remain some of the most underrated games that the system has to offer, but it looks like the team responsible for them will be releasing a similar type of game this year. Director Taisuke Kanasaki has re-teamed with staffers from those games to announce Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division: Distant Memories.

Yes, that is the actual title of the game and yes it is quite a mouthful. Unfortunately, other than the really long name we have very little information regarding what the game will actually be about. We do know that it will be in the same style as Hotel Dusk, but beyond that we’re clueless.

We also know that the game will more than likely be getting a digital-only release, with the game set to come to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop this Spring. A release date for the US version is expected to come later this year, hopefully around E3.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 launched exclusively for the DS in 2007, which then got a sequel called Last Window: The Secret of Cape West in 2010 that was also only on DS.

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