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Hotline Miami 2’s Level Editor Is Now Live

by Mike Guarino


It’s been quite a wait, but Hotline Miami 2’s level editor has exited its beta phase and is now live for everyone to utilize. Just as it sounds, the mode allows you to create your own levels and then publish them on the Steam Workshop for others to try out.

Developer Dennaton Games said the following:

“Thank you so much for your patience and help over the extended development of the level editor. Without your passion, help, and feedback this would not have been possible. Now please go make Hotline Miami 3!”

They also mentioned that there may be bugs with this latest update, saying “If you experience any issues with this latest update, please report them in the pinned Bug Report Thread in the Level Editor forum. Additionally; should the latest update cause serious new issues on your machine, we have also set the previous build (v1.05) live on the ‘no_editor’ branch. Use that to opt-out of the editor update while we look for a solution to the problem.”

Considering that the game has a pretty simple formula but is mixed with high difficult should result in some pretty crazy concoctions from fans. It will be interesting to pop in every now and then to see what everyone has come up with… and to see if some hardcore fan out there really does make their own Hotline Miami 3.

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