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IGN Ad Leaks Watch Dogs 2 Release Date And New City

by Damian Seeto


An advertisement briefly popped up early on IGN’s website and it revealed the release date and new setting for Watch Dogs 2.

Eurogamer took a screenshot of the leak and it reveals that Watch Dogs 2 will be out on November 15th, 2016. This is Ubisoft’s big game for Fall 2016 since no major Assassin’s Creed title is out.

It’s also worth mentioning the leak shows the Golden Gate Bridge. This means the game will be set in the new city of San Francisco.

The leak gives us a decent look of the new main character. The character is the same one that appeared when the voice actor leaked a photo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. It’s a dude with a hat and some glasses.

A full reveal for the game is expected later this week. Ubisoft is likely to tell us the name of this new main character as well as show some of the updated gameplay mechanics.

Ubisoft promised a couple of weeks ago that this sequel will have innovative hacking gameplay. The hacking mechanics were criticized in the first game for being too simplistic. Not to mention the main character in the last game wasn’t popular either.

- This article was updated on:June 7th, 2016

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