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It’s impossible to make a $400 future-proof PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720

by William Schwartz


Crytek’s Cevat Yerli has been saying that his company’s CryEngine has been ready for the next-gen for years now. With two iterations of Crysis in the books on consoles, the developer has claimed to push these current-gen consoles to their absolute maximum. Though things might not change too much for Crytek once the PS4 and Xbox 720 arrive. The constantly evolving power of gaming pcs and developers who look to harness as much power as possible, may be maxing out these new consoles in short order.

“It would potentially be a death knell for at least one company,” says Yerli

Yerli explains in a recent interview with OXM that sheds some light on his view of the next-gen, and why it’s hard for console makers like Microsoft and Sony to future proof their hardware against the PC. “It’s impossible to go too far beyond what we say is next gen because it would cost too much,” says Yerli. “It would potentially be a death knell for at least one company… A $200, $300, $400 package. It’s just physically and financially impossible to go higher, so you have to bring it down again.”

Yerli’s thoughts go hand in hand with what an Nvidia executive recently voiced as well. Tony Tamasi of the chip-maker recently likened the PlayStation 4 CPU specs as the equivalent of a low-end gaming computer. He also said that next generation consoles like the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be behind PC “by an order of magnitude” very quickly.

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