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Janemba Officially Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Alex Levine


After numerous leaks and rumors over the past couple of months, Bandai Namco has finally announced that Janemba will be the next DLC fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The company also confirmed that he’ll be releasing on August 8, which is next week by the way.

For those who don’t know, Janemba is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z movie Fusion Reborn. Most fans often dismiss the villains of the DBZ film series, but Janemba is considered one of the best, right next to Broly. Janemba retains all of his abilities from the movie, utilizing flashy sword techniques as well as some devastating Super Moves to boot.

Janemba will be the fourth character for the Second Fighter Pass, which already includes Jiren, Videl, and Kid Goku (GT). In addition, future DLC fighter Gogeta (SSGSS) was also teased. No date was given, but hopefully we’ll get our hands on him soon.

The announcement came soon after the Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Finals at EVO 2019 where defending champion Sonic Fox lost a thriller to GO1 in what was arguably the most intense match up of the event so far. As we stated earlier, Janemba will be released for Dragon Ball FighterZ next week on August 8 across multiple platforms.

You can watch Janemba’s reveal trailer here:

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