Some More Juicy Final Fantasy XV Details Revealed

by Damian Seeto

Japanese magazine Famitsu had a chance to speak with Square Enix recently to talk more about Final Fantasy XV.

The magazine revealed tons of new and interesting information on Final Fantasy XV. It looks like it is going to be one of the biggest projects Square Enix has ever developed. Gematsu translated and summarized the best bits.

First of all, the graphics in Final Fantasy XV have been given a huge boost thanks to the power of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Each character in the game is made up of a whopping 100,000 polygons. 20,000 polygons were dedicated to character’s hair only which is five times more than on last-gen. Characters also have 600 bones which is around 10 to 12 more times than the last-gen models.

In terms of battles with big enemies in Final Fantasy XV, they will play out the same as standard battles with normal-sized enemies. The only difference is that there will be party co-op actions that take place which will help you take down the bigger enemies.

Combat in Final Fantasy XV will be done by holding down a button that sets the combo in motion. Other timed button presses will do other moves that you can do with your party members. You can also parry in the game by timing it in terms of the enemy’s strike. This is something done to please expert players.

MP is consumed by doing things such as the special actions, dodging and warping. You can have several weapons equipped, but there is one main weapon. It’s possible for you to find rare weapons for you to use as well.

The town that was seen in Final Fantasy XV’s latest trailer is called Restalm. While in the town, you can go out and do shopping or stay at hotels. Restalm is the main town that you will encounter in the first half of the game.

Summon beasts will have to be defeated before you can use them. Only Noctis is able to summon beasts that you will obtain in your long journey.

Square Enix also mentioned some things will be changed in the full version of Final Fantasy XV. The gameplay you saw at the Tokyo Games Show will differ from the demo that will be out next year. They are changing things based on fan feedback.

Some of the other things revealed have been known already such as the huge open-world, fishing and other mini-games to be included and the ability for you to rent and ride chocobos.