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The Last of Us developers will lead Uncharted 4 team


Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann will lead the development of Uncharted on the PlayStation 4. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Evan Wells revealed that they asked the duo to lead the project, which they both have some experience with over the three game series.

“We’ve been making enormous progress,” says Naughty Dog

Straley was the art director on Drake’s Fortune and game director on Among Thieves, while Druckmann helped write previous games in the series and was the lead designer on Uncharted 2.

So just when should we expect Uncharted 4? Wells told the magazine that progress is accelerating on the game.

“We’ve been making enormous progress. If anything, things are accelerating instead of slowing down.”

Straley and Druckmann move into the leadership roles following the departure of Amy Hennig and other key developers from the previous games Uncharted games. Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra warns fans that there may be some changes, due to the change in leadership. “They’ll make the changes that they think are right,” says Balestra. “There are some changes, obviously, that they will be making.”

There’s still no ETA on when to expect the next Uncharted game on the PlayStation 4. It’s been quite some time since Sony teased the new game. With E3 just around the corner, many expect Uncharted 4, or whatever Naughty Dog ends up calling it, to show up at Sony’s E3 press conference.

- This article was updated on:June 2nd, 2014

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