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Level-5 Won’t Have Any Nintendo Switch Games At Launch

by Damian Seeto


Level-5 are one of the best JRPG developers around, although they won’t have any Nintendo Switch titles available at the console’s launch next March.

Vandal had a chance to chat with Akihiro Hino who is the president and CEO of Level-5. He was asked about the status of Nintendo Switch games.

He said: “We plan to make games for Nintendo Switch, but I think it’s very important to find out the best way to get the most out of the console. For that reason, we won’t have any titles at launch, but we’ll work with it as soon as we figure out how to take advantage of it“.

The thing that made the Wii U not so popular was its lack of third party developer support. It’s great to hear that Level-5 are planning to make Switch games in the future, although none of them will appear in March 2017. We’ll just have to wait what the future holds.

Speaking of Level-5, their next big game is Ni no Kuni II. Here’s what he said about the sequel: “There will be many new features already just because of moving from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation .. Not be a simple RPG, but it will introduce a new system focused on creating a kingdom. So yes, there will be many differences“.

Hopefully Level-5 are able to release something cool for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

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