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Half Life 3 is “old news”, says former Valve employee

by William Schwartz


There have been many rumors over the years concerning Valve’s highly anticipated follow-up to for the Half Life series.  Half Life 3 is at the very top of many a gamer wishlist, but Valve hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with details about the game.

The rumor mill has been churning for so long that, according to one ex-Valve developer, “It’s old news by now”.

Le Minh, who had previously worked at Valve Software on the development of Counter Strike, was recently spotted on a Twitch Interview, where the developer spoke about what he knows about he game.

“I think it’s kind of public knowledge that people know it is being worked on, so if I was to say ‘yeah, I’ve seen some images like some concept art of it,’ that wouldn’t be big news.”

Though Minh obviously has the inside track on what’s possibly in the works at Valve, and probably takes for granted that the company is pretty guarded when it comes to doling out details on their projects.  In the same interview, Minh also touched on a new Left 4 Dead game, which he spoke of as something that definitely exists.

Only rumored previously, Minh says that the new Left 4 Dead game is looking great, claiming that he was “really excited” when he saw it.

Valve has yet to officially confirm either Left 4 Dead 3 or Half Life 3.

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