Meet the Controller That’s Aiming to Bring the Console Experience to Your Mobile

by AOTF Staff

Ever been turned off by a mobile game because of its finicky touchscreen controls? Introducing the Gamevice, which aims to solve that exact problem. The controller features two analog sticks, a proper d-pad and some Xbox inspired face buttons. The device itself supports over 750 games, from Minecraft to Final Fantasy VII, promising the “lowest latency possible of any controller on the market.”

A press release reads:

“Transforming the Apple iPad mini, and soon your iPhone and iPad Air, into a full-fledged portable gaming platform with real, console quality controls. iOS gamers no longer have to deal with the limitations of playing games on a touchscreen as Gamevice delivers gaming controls on par with PC and console gaming. Weighing in at less than a pound, the Gamevice was engineered specifically to enhance gaming for Apple devices.”

The Gamevice is available now for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air I & II, and iPad Mini for $99.95 in the US, £79.95 in the UK, and €109.95 in Europe. For more information, and to see the full list of compatible games, head to the product’s official website.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2018