Attack of the Fanboy

Mad Max keeps his Australian accent.

by William Schwartz


Developer Avalanche has recently received some bad press from the general gaming public about it’s upcoming new title “Mad Max”, for having it’s main character voiced by an American voice actor.

Well like most things recently that have been changing for the better in the gaming industry, thanks to social media, Avalanches studio head, Christofer Sundberg has announced over his twitter account that they have changed their mind and have listened to the fans and Max will keep his Australian accent.

According to Christofer Sundberg of Avalanche: “Attn fans who want Max to have an Aussie accent in Mad Max Game: It shall be so. We admire your loyalty. You have been heard.”

Keep an eye out for Mad Max in 2014. Did you miss Mad Max at E3 2013? Here’s a trailer for the game that was shown during the game’s big reveal.

Mad Max E3 2013 Reveal

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