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New Mafia 3 E3 2016 Trailer Now Available To Watch

by Damian Seeto


2K has released an all-new trailer for Mafia 3 just in time for E3 2016. It gives us a few more details about the story and some of the cool things you can do in the full video game.

As known before, you assume the role of Lincoln Clay. Some gang members left him for dead a few years ago, but he survived and is now seeking revenge. He will have to find the people responsible for trying to kill him and make them suffer the consequences.

Since Mafia 3 is an open-world video game, there is a lot of great things that you can do. Apart from driving cars around the city, Clay can also drive a boat, participate in MMA-style cage fights and more.

Not to mention as an African American living in 1969 USA, Clay also has to encounter racist people. The trailer shows that the KKK are in the game and it was revealed a few days ago that Clay has to avoid walking close to some cops who will arrest him for no reason.

Mafia 3 will be out worldwide on October 7th, 2016 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can watch the great new trailer below.

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