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Making the wait for Skyrim: Dawnguard Expansion more tolerable

by William Schwartz


To say that Bethesda’s release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim creation tools was a success is an understatement. They’ve quickly become one of the fastest growing games in Steam Workshop, racking up over 13.6 million downloads in the short time available.

Immediately accompanying the release of the tools we saw plenty of ways to enhance, and in some ways better, the already outstanding RPG.  Enhanced texture packs, sounds, and weapon sets are just a few of the many downloads available now at Steam Workshop.

PC players aren’t having all the fun (just the most of it). Bethesda Game Studios also recently released the a patch on the Xbox 360, that brings voice commands to Skyrim using the Kinect.  Skyrim fans on all platforms still have a big milestone in the game to look forward to this summer.  BGS recently announced Skyrim’s Dawnguard Expansion, that is set arrive this summer.

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