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Mario and Zelda-Themed Switch Controllers Are On the Way

by Dylan Siegler


The Nintendo Switch has one of the most versatile set of controller options of any home console. You can play with the Joy-Con controllers connected to the Switch itself, you can connect them to a gamepad or you can play with just one Joy-Con. Or if you prefer a more standard controller, you can use a Switch Pro controller instead.



It was recently announced that a third-party company called PowerA is releasing a Mario-themed Switch controller as well as a Zelda-themed one, both of which are officially licensed by Nintendo. These controllers act as Pro controllers but with neat designs. There are a few technical differences between these and official Pro controllers, however. For one thing, both PowerA controllers have ten-foot USB cables and are not wireless compatible. GameSpot also reports that the PowerA controllers won’t support features contained by official Pro controllers, such as HD rumble, gyro controls and Amiibo support. The controllers do come with interchangeable analog stick caps, however.

Probably the main draw for these controllers, though, is the fact that they are $30 each, making them pretty significantly less expensive than official Switch Pro controllers, which go for about $70. These Mario and Zelda controllers are available for pre-order and will be released on October 23.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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