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Mass Effect 4 details to arrive next year?

by William Schwartz


Mass Effect 4 was one of the games that many fans had hoped would see some type of reveal at this weekend’s video game awards show.  We didn’t get that reveal, or many for that matter, and fans have been hammering Bioware for more information regarding the RPG.

Bioware has already confirmed that a fourth Mass Effect game is in the works.  They’ve been teasing fans for months, claiming that the game is looking great.  But official reveal?  Not yet, it seems.  Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn “hopes” that 2014 will be the spot where the developers will be able to share concrete news about Mass Effect 4.

“More info sometime in 2014 I hope. That’s the most specific I can be,” said Flynn via Twitter.

Aaryn Flynn is the GM over at the Bioware Edmonton & Montreal studios.  Flynn is overseeing the development of Dragon Age, this new Mass Effect game, and a brand new game that has yet to be announced.

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