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Massive 2.44 GB Update For Destiny Released

by William Schwartz


Bungie has released a major patch that is now available to download that will be the first in a series of updates for Destiny leading up to The Dark Below expansion.

The 1.0.3 update for Destiny adds a few new features for the game including the optional team chat channel, tweaks to the Iron Banner PVP event and more. Bungie have also added more shaders to Destiny, which is pretty awesome for those who like to have customization options. They have also fixed some issues that caused beetle and ironfish errors. Some fixes have been listed below, the rest can be found over at


  • Fixed an issue in which two players who performed a melee lunge simultaneously would teleport through each other
  • Fixed an issue in which Blink Strike damage would be caused by colliding with the Blink Strike, rather than melee impact
  • Fixed an issue in which Warlock Bonds dismantled into Titan materials
Event: Iron Banner
  • Players must now be level 20 and above to lead an Iron Banner Fireteam
  • Players below Level 20 can only accompany players above Level 20
  • Lord Saladin now has 5 reputation ranks (increased from 3)
  • New Features Added: Tempered Buff, Reforging
  • For more detailed information, click here
  • Fixed several issues with the synchronization of cinematic subtitles in various languages
  • Increased the number of Bounty slots in the Inventory from 5 to 10
  • Added shaders to Eva Levante’s stock in the Tower
  • Shader preview functionality added to vendor and inventory screens
  • Emblems on vendors can now be previewed in the inventory screen
  • Marks and Reputation icons and meters were adjusted to better differentiate the two
  • Fixed an issue in which Strange Coins and Motes of Light would not route to the Postmaster if your inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue in which engrams were not displaying the possible contents in the Cryptarch vendor menu
  • Fixed an issue in which players did not receive Bounty or Mission credit when assisting in the killing of a Walker or Vex Cyclops
  • Armor Stat upgrade potentials added to item compare on vendor and inventory screens

A lot of other additions are apart of the update and again can be viewed at Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and will make fans happier as we move towards the launch of the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below.

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