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More Metal Gear clues in this re-released Phantom Pain trailer

| December 22, 2012


More Metal Gear clues in this re-released Phantom Pain trailer News PlayStation  Metal Gear Solid 5   The Phantom Pain trailer that got Metal Gear fans excited back at the Spike Video Game Awards show is back with a remixed audio track to accompany it. While the music for the trailer has changed, there have also been a few other audio cues that fans have discovered, leading to more hints about what this mystery game might be.

The general consensus right now is that Hideo Kojima is having a little fun with Metal Gear fans, but where this takes place in the Metal Gear timeline is still up for debate.

Is it all a dream? Is this an alternate timeline that Kojima has yet to explore in any of the previous Metal Gear games? It appears we’ll have to wait and see if Kojima comes out and reveals any new information about Ground Zeroes or Metal Gear Solid V in the future, before we have any definitive answers.

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  • djmagnumb

    That’s a SWEET A** FUC*IN’ trailer!

  • J.o.

    Psycho Mantis Theme Song From 0:25-0:29. Soldier’s Grenades On Hip at 2:26 Are Identical to the Ones Seen In the 3:06 Mark in the Ground Zeroes Extended Gameplay Trailer. Volgin Ghost is Definitive as Well. Not to Mention-Arguably the Biggest and Most Blatant Giveaway-The Crawl. Hiding Under the Bed-it’s All there. What You’ve Got to Realize is That Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow’s Parts in Their Respective MGS Titles Are Similar to That of Say-The Scarecrow’s Part In Arkham Asylum. Snake Has Just Come Out of a Coma. He’s Obviously Hallucinating. Some of the Things He Saw Were Real, but He’s Fading in and Out. I Think He’s Making Both Ground Zeroes, and MGS V Simultaneously. I Say That Because He Keeps Putting Emphasis On the Fact That Ground Zeroes is a Prologue to Metal Gear Solid V.

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