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Mewtwo Amiibo Release Date Revealed for UK, Could the US be the Same?

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo UK has revealed that the Mewtwo Amiibo will be released on October 23rd, matching up with the date that was leaked back in July. Being the first of the DLC characters to receive an Amiibo, Mewtwo is highly anticipated among fans. However, the question for those in the US is, will we be getting the same release date?

Amiibo release dates are somewhat in flux as of late. Nintendo has been focusing on restocking hard to find figures in the US, causing some Amiibo Waves to be pushed back, with the US just now receiving Wave 5a and 5b figures that launched in Europe and other areas weeks or even months ago.

Since this shift things have been going much better for collectors, who have been able to snag older Amiibo that were almost impossible to find until now. However, they’ve also had to wait extra long for their newest Amiibo to arrive.

Whether or not this will stay true going into October remains to be seen though. Perhaps the restocks will slow, and Nintendo will go back to a unified release date system, with the US, Europe, and Japan getting Amiibo on or around the same date.

Beyond that, we are still waiting on news in regards to the other DLC characters, with Lucas, Roy, and Street Fighter’s Ryu coming at a later time.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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