Attack of the Fanboy

Microsoft in Tokyo, Reasons Unknown

by William Schwartz


With all the Sony and Nintendo news coming out of Tokyo, we forgot all about Microsoft’s presence at Japan’s equivalent to E3.  Microsoft has a full list of what they’ll be showing at the convention, and just by looking at it you see why they are having so many problems in the region.

It’s a who’s who of popular American and European titles, but Microsoft will be showing them regardless.

Among the highlights of Microsoft’s TGS:

Forza Motorsport 4, Gears of War 3, Halo:Combat Evolved, Dance Central 2, and new XBLA titles called Diabolical Pitch (Grasshoppers Crazy Kinect Title) Haunt, and Project Draco (which was revealed last year).

Even with the struggles that Microsoft has faced in the region,  reports of retailers shunning them and all,  you have to give them credit for persistence.

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