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Microsoft selling Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for $399

by William Schwartz


If you were looking to buy an Xbox One, there isn’t a better time than right now. As in, immediately, because there’s no telling if this is going to be working in the forseeable future. The Microsoft Store is currently offering the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for $399.

You can scoop up the Titanfall Bundle on the cheap by using the promo code “1” at the Microsoft Store, as reported by users at the CAG forums.

The link to the product page is here. Just enter the promo code before heading to your checkout, and you’ll discover the Xbox One has been discounted by a whopping 20%, with a free game no less.

Is this a sign of a widespread price drop for the Xbox One to get more competitive with the PlayStation 4? It’s too early to tell, but Microsoft has recently been offering incentives left and right to move Xbox One consoles.

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