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Microsoft and Sony have two different approaches for Xbox 720 and PS4

by William Schwartz


Microsoft and Sony have completely different approaches when it comes to selling games at retail for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.   According to a recent report out of Now Gamer, Xing Interactive managing director David Connolly has explained the different philosophies that Sony and Microsoft are adopting for the launch of their next-gen machines.

Connolly told the publication:  We hear different things from the two big players.  Sony are actively asking for more retailers… to help them support their next PS launch,” explained the insider.  “I have spoken to sources close to Microsoft on the other hand who insist that the next Xbox will not be compatible with second hand (used games), will require permanently on connection, and ‘you’ll have to go through Microsoft to do anything.'”

From what we’ve heard from Sony so far, the PS4 will be a far more open machine than the PS3 was at launch.  Between the PS Vita and the PS4, Sony is definitely fostering new types of experiences on the console that stretch beyond AAA games that have traditionally be sold at brick and mortar retailers.  Though the director thinks that Microsoft will push the transition towards digital distribution with the next Xbox.

“There could be a big issue on consoles with one of the big players going their own way,” said Connolly.  “An independent retailer put it this way ‘Microsoft will still make a profit out of Xbox.  As for the rest of us, tough titty’.”

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