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Minecraft Battle Mode Update Available Now for All Consoles

| June 21, 2016

Minecraft Battle Mode Update Available Now for All Consoles News  Minecraft DLC Minecraft

The Minecraft Battle Mode Update is rolling out across the game’s many different versions right now. In case you aren’t up-to-date on console Minecraft news, this is the brand new mini-game mode where players face off in a battle arena style game. We took a look at it pre-launch, so be sure to check out our hands-on impressions right here, as well as our extensive gameplay footage.

UPDATE: The update is taking a while for some consoles. If it hasn’t shown up for you, just give it time and check back later.

Minecraft Battle Mode is the first of a few planned mini-games that will arrive on the console versions of the game. This one is based on the extremely popular Hunger Games style multiplayer that players have previously had to setup on their own. Since the game doesn’t allow a lot of rule changes, players sort of had to work off of trust, or very specially setup maps. Now, all of that is handled for them in a very easy to start battle arena.

Minecraft Battle Mode will launch with three available maps, with more coming via paid DLC. There is also a season pass available, if you want to get a bundle of new maps.

This update also addresses a few other things, such as adding a “safe sprint” control option that makes it so you don’t go into third-person when you try to begin a run. There were also a few minor changes and bug fixes, so check out the patch notes to see what might have been altered.

Minecraft Battle Mode will be available on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U starting today, so be sure to download the update if you want to start slaughtering your friends.

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  • Cole

    I’m still waiting for the update. When time will i get it?

    • Simplepies

      Now. Just got it

  • Rob

    I am too are you on ps4 as well?

    • Blake Savoie

      I’m on ps4 and haven’t got it..

      • Omar

        I am on ps3 and ps4 too but nothin

        • Jack

          Yeah, I am waiting for it on my PS3 as well. On 4J Studios’ Twitter page they said they are working with Sony because they are having some problems.

          • I love Gaming

            I’m on my PS3 and I still haven’t gotten it. How about you?

          • Simplepies

            Same here

          • I love Gaming

            Do you know when the udpate will come/? I’ve been all over the internet and no specific times

          • Simplepies

            All they say is June 21 when I looked.

          • Simplepies

            Hopefully it will be today when we have it

          • Simplepies

            They said rolling out now for PlayStation
            4 mins ago

          • Simplepies

            I GOT THE UPDATE!!!!!

          • I love Gaming

            I GO THE UPDATE ON PS3

          • Simplepies

            What is your PS name we can play together

          • I love Gaming


  • Ryker Booth

    I’m on PS3 and it still hasn’t come out yet. I think because Microsoft owns minecraft, Xbox, and Xbox 1, always gets it world wide at midnight. And Sony gets it later in the day. ( usually sometime after noon)

  • Hs Jdjs

    Im on ps3 yet I didnt get the updt… Glitch ij the US or just they didnt relese it in US yet?

    • Simplepies

      Its not out 4 ps3 yet. ;-; got it on my vita tho

      • I love Gaming

        PS3 it’s out now!

  • CP2003F

    We’re in the UK & have the update but crashes the WiiU when you try and join an online game.

  • Zane Leach

    My friend has minecraft on ps4 and he has it but don’t?!!!!!!

  • Hayden Scarborough

    What the hell I haven’t got it either I’ve been waiting

  • elluot

    wii u has some major battle mode bugs

  • Beatdogg

    Costs money not a free update

    • Richard Islas

      It’s free it doesn’t cost anything.
      All you have to pay for is the new maps if you want more.

  • Patrick

    I bought it but I can’t find it so I can play :/

    • Teju


  • Derp

    we are waiting XD and the others got it like 6 hours ago XD SUCH BULLSHIT!

    • Jacob Bart

      Now it’s been 14 FUCKING HOURS AGO! WTF

  • Calindor A Lancewell

    Microsoft are a bunch of Jerks. Every console but ps. Has the update. Screw you.

    • Crash riley

      Me to

      • derp


  • bob Jones

    Dude are you serious we have to pay to play battlemode that is screwed up, it’s in the store for 2.99 but still, Xbox gets it free and we have to pay for it that just stupid

    • Calindor A Lancewell

      That’s map pack one. You don’t need to buy it. If you but the map pack you will just have extra maps.

  • Jack

    Me too I am waiting for the update so I can play on the mini game

  • Crash riley


  • Crash riley

    Why ps3

  • Teju

    I bought it on ps3 and nun is their???

  • Ash

    Waiting on ps4

  • Alvaro Deluna

    me too i still dont recieve it
    and it keeps crashing minecraft ps4 before the update

  • Alvaro Deluna

    this wouldnt be happening if notch never sold minecraft

  • kroollin

    Sorry guys, but I know nothing about mc…anything on the update? My 7yo is killing me!!! He’s freaking out b/c it’s not on his ps3 yet. I bought the mc battle map pack season pass, which I’m guessing wasn’t needed in order to get this update… :/ I just got suckered into $10 thinking I had to buy this stupid thing!

    • Jillian Tyre

      We got it for 360 but still nothing for PS3. In the US. Guess we’ll have to keep checking! Does it show up before you load a game or after? I’m just the mom and know zero, lol.

      • kroollin

        lol…same boat! I have no idea! My son keeps checking his PS3 and I hear “MOM … I GOT NOTHING!!!” Me, “Yeah, well, me either!” lol

        • Jillian Tyre

          I found out where to look but still nothing. At least I know now how to look, lol. Good luck!

          • Simplepies

            You should have it now.

          • kroollin

            Yes, we finally have it!!! :)

  • Miner man

    I got the update I’m waiting so far it I 3% complete I am excited too this will be a good hunger games or battle mode?

    • Tiny

      How did you start to update it and what console are you on ?

  • hi

    im still waiting

    • hi

      on ps4

  • Jackson Summers

    im downloading it but its been like 15 minutes! SO CLOSE!

    • PandaWarrior

      What system

    • Glenn Brock IV

      On PS3?

  • Glenn Brock IV

    The update for North America will be released later today sometime near the evening

    • Derp

      *5 months later*
      oh boy ps3 finally got the u- oh wait, everybody moved on to other games. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!

  • Crash riley

    Later today

  • PandaWarrior

    thank’s for telling us that. :)

  • jamel

    it has been 11 hour still haven’t got the battle mode update :(

    • Jacob Bart

      13 Hours is TOO freaking late.

  • jamel

    they always hype something up then the day it’s suppose to get it it doesn’t come out

  • jamel

    fuck 4j

  • nathan

    I’m still waiting for the update and I see evryone else playing :’-(

    • Glenn Brock IV

      Yeah I know :'(

      • Simplepies

        You should have it now guys!

  • H20Allen

    This is realy stupid me and my friend has been on all day waiting and no new news. I just check and an other friend has it but we still dont its past 3 pm. Were sick of it. We are all on ps4.

    • Simplepies

      I got it on my Vita 2 min ago

  • Dashing Danse

    Why do the maps cost money? Rather just play on PC. At least there you can download or make your own maps.

    • Richard Islas

      But console users don’t have that privilege do they?
      This is great news for console users, PC users on the other hand can do whatever they want on Minecraft, meanwhile console users just have normal Minecraft and what not. :/

  • Tandemfern

    Will that be more games like sky wars

  • tristen

    iit wont let me connect to a random server whenever i try it says connection to the server was lost exiting to the main menu plz help~l i really wanna play

  • Nathan

    Its up now just need people to play with

    • Reagan

      Create ur own casual battlemode, If u r on Xbox press (x) or ps4 press (square) and then a lot of the public should join that’s what happened to me anyway, hope this helped :)

  • Reagan

    I’m an Xbox one minecraft player I’ve recently played the new battlemode and I’ve noticed you can make the server public or invite only I want to know if you can do this with the worlds you have made on your own if they haven’t added this in I think they should because it’ll make the game a lot popular

  • Eddy The Goat

    I got the update on PS4 but every time I try joining a public session it says “Host Exited the game” or “Sever is full”

  • Jayson

    So I got the update but we can’t use are mic’s, why?

  • Lisa M. Torres

    I got the update but when i try to join any game it says host has excited the game. But it didnt even load a game

  • camryn

    please give Nintendo 3ds a version of Minecraft

  • Kevin

    it wont let me download the battle map packs

  • Nancyzee

    We just bought the Battle Map Pack 3 but do you need a Playstation Plus account to play them? Because we can’t access it at all. Please help, I am only a little gamer’s mommy! we did have a trial of the PS Plus and tried the mini games so is that the same idea? I just thought it was maps you could explore or play. Thanks

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