Minecraft Getting Official Female ‘Alex’ Skins on Consoles

by Kyle Hanson
Minecraft female Alex skin

Ever since Minecraft launched so many years ago, the default skin has always been Steve, the plucky adventurer that has become synonymous with the mega-popular game. However, since Steve was clearly a male character, the female portion of Minecraft’s audience was left out a bit. That will be fixed this Wednesday, April 29th, when the Alex skin becomes available on consoles. The skin, which features a new female playable character, has been available in the PC version for a while, but this latest update will push it to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one.

The update will be issued for free to all players, so no worries about having to buy another Skin Pack like with more premium content. The character isn’t just a new skin though, it actually alters the shape of your Minecraft character a little bit. Alex will feature “thinner arms, redder hair, and a ponytail.” Of course, the default Steve character model also received an update not too long ago, so this isn’t anything new for Minecraft this time around.

There will be a few varieties of Alex to choose from, many of which are pictured above. Adding in variety and diversity to Minecraft should please a lot of gamers, as the game has reached a much wider audience than anyone could have ever predicted when it was first created.