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What is a Minecraft Mash-up Pack?

by William Schwartz


There’s been some confusion as to what the new mash-up packs will actually do in Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Following the recent release of Title Update 12 for the block builder, the next big feature will be mash-up packs, and while 4J Studios hasn’t officially revealed the new premium Minecraft content, they’ve pulled back the curtain just a little.

Today via Twitter, the studio explained a little about the new feature, and how they are used.

“A Mash-up Pack makes Minecraft look like another game, so textures + Skin Pack + User Interface + Music + Themed World,” said the studio. When asked if you can use these Mash-up Packs on your own worlds, 4J Studios says yes, “you can create your own worlds with the Mash-up pack, or load the Themed World and explore/edit it.”

Over the weekend, 4J studios said they are waiting on a legal sign-off before they can officially reveal the new content for Minecraft, but when that will be is anyone’s guess.

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