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Minecraft: Switch Edition – Larger Worlds, 60FPS, and Maybe Wii U Transfers

by Kyle Hanson


Microsoft and Mojang just ended a new Minecraft livestream which featured a lot of new info about the upcoming Minecraft: Switch Edition release. This game has been causing a lot of excitement among the game’s fans as it will allow players to play on their TV at home and take the game with them on the go. But this caused some concern about how the game will run, concerns which this livestream should put to rest.

According to summaries of what was shared, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be much bigger and better than its Wii U predecessor. First up is the larger world that you can create, with players able to run around worlds that are 13 times larger than what they were given before. These are still a bit smaller than what we’ve seen on PS4 and Xbox One, so players on those consoles won’t be too shocked at the changes here.

Two of the other big announcements involved the framerate and what players can do with their Wii U Minecraft worlds. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch will hit 60FPS, allowing for the smooth gameplay that we’ve become accustomed to on the more modern console versions of the game. And while the team is trying to get world transfers up and running between Wii U and Switch, they did say that it likely won’t be available at launch.

The higher framerate is the best thing to hear for those looking to take the game on the go. Sure, there the mobile version, but that typically lacks features found in the more robust console editions. Vita also has the game, but the system struggle to keep up, and often dips well below the 30FPS threshold. Having larger, more feature rich Minecraft worlds running at 60FPS on a handheld device will be really great to see when Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition arrives on May 11th.

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