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MMORPG Everquest Next: “Landmark” Going Offline

by Raymond Garcia


It seems every year gaming as an entire medium manages to grow in popularity/worth, as mobile, VR, and consoles all become part of a huge global market whose revenue was estimated at a total of $91 Billion just for 2016. However in the short amount of time we have been in 2017, a year sure to be filled with talks of 4K, VR, and Teraflops it is with a heavy heart that we report to you that the game Landmark developed by Daybreak Game Company will be taking it’s servers offline next month. Originally known as ” EverQuest Next Landmark”  it was shown to the public for the first time at SOE Live 2013. At that time it was described as a Minecraft style game with a focus on construction and exploration.

Landmark traveled a rocky road after its announcement when in 2015 it took a back seat to then still in development Everquest Next, with Daybreak even going as far as stating that “any features that are Landmark-only are lower in priority and will have to wait until we have time to come back to them.” Becoming more than just a building tool for Everquest Next while in development Landmark was officially announced in early 2016 for the PC as it’s own full fledged release. Launched on June 10th, 2016 the game was unique in the amount of control it allowed its users who tried out its creative tools.  But alas the fun times have not lasted.

The game’s developers did not give an exact reason for shutting down it’s servers with their announcement today instead praising it’s users and creators for the time and energy they shared through creations inside the game. Although bad user reviews and possibly low number of players probably has a little something to do with it. The game has been released for seven months and will only be available to play to the people who have already purchased it until February 21st, 2017. After that it is gone forever.

You can read the full release from the developers themselves here.

- This article was updated on:January 11th, 2017

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