Attack of the Fanboy

Modern Warfare 4 announcement inbound?

by William Schwartz


It’s almost that time of the year. The time when the big fall shooters brandish their goods and reveal to their massive fan bases what’ll they be playing six months from now. With Battlefield 4 first out of the gates, next up is Call of Duty, and presumably Modern Warfare 4 if a recent tease on Infinity Ward’s Official Facebook Page is anything to go by.

Infinity Ward recently posted a picture of one of the main characters in the Modern Warfare storyline. Why you ask? It’s unclear exactly because the photo was uncaptioned. Though it has gotten the Call of Duty community talking about their next game, an incoming reveal, and whether or not fans want another game with Captain Price in it.

The rumor mill has been working overtime for the next Call of Duty game as of late. A Modern Warfare teaser recently hit the web that indicated Captain Price in their video, but there’s still obviously a good chance that any and all rumors are fake. We’ll likely hear something from Infinity Ward and whichever other developers Activision is throwing at the next Call of Duty project.

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