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Morphies Law: Nintendo Switch gets an Exclusive Multiplayer Shooter

by Kyle Hanson


During today’s Nindies Summer Showcase we saw tons of 2D platformers and other retro styled adventures. What was pretty shocking though was when they unveiled a game that they claimed would fill a hole left by the other titles in the indie scene on Nintendo Switch. Morphies Law is the game, and it is certainly unique, offering up a multiplayer focused shooter where players aren’t necessarily killing each other.

Instead they’ll steal mass from other players, growing their own as they do so. Mass can come from any part of the body, and the player will then grow accordingly. The goal is for one team of four players to steal the most mass from the other team of four. Doing so will ensure that the team’s main avatar is taller, marking a win.

It’s definitely different and unique and could reshape some of the shooter genre conventions much like Splatoon did on Wii U, and its sequel is doing on Switch. The bigger thing about this announcement though was that the Nintendo Switch will be the exclusive console home of Morphies Law, continuing to push the unique, exclusive driven nature of Nintendo’s console.

Morphies Law hits exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Winter 2017, with the possibility of releasing on PC at the same time or other consoles later. See the whole presentation right here.

Morphies Law: PAX West Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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