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NBA 2K15 Facial Scans Are Nearly 100%, Up From Around 85% In 2K14

by Dean James


NBA 2K15 just keeps sounding better and better by the day, with the first footage we’ve received looking absolutely incredible. Last night, we showed you how realistic that cover athlete Kevin Durant looks in the game and this news is even more exciting. During the weekly 2K Sports Livestream, it was revealed that the facial scans in NBA 2K15 are at nearly 100%.

Not only are the facial scans at nearly 100%, but this includes the rookies as well in the league. This is a vast improvement over last year’s 2K14, which features only about 85% of facial scans.

2K Sports Community Manager LD2K also revealed that a much requested player, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul, has finally gotten a facial scan for the game, after complaints for years of him looking very different from himself in real life. In face, LD2K went as far as to say “He’s in now and looks AMAZING” on the Operation Sports forum.

All of this is fantastic news for fans looking forward to NBA 2K15, as it once again looks like it should be the premier NBA game on the market. It is hard to say for sure right now without seeing more, but if the level of detail seen on Durant is any indication, we are going to be in for a treat with NBA 2K15 releases on November 7.

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