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NBA 2K15 Sees Triumphant Return Of Create A Player

by Dean James


Player customization has started to become a standard in a variety of genres these days, but one game type that has featured this for a long time have been sports games. However, when NBA 2K14 launched last year, the game was missing a major fan-favorite feature, create a player. Luckily, it appears that 2K Sports realized their mistake and are bringing the mode back in the upcoming NBA 2K15, at least within one mode.

Just the other day, we told you about the brand new MyLEAGUE mode that is exclusive to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Within the interview given by two members of the Visual Concepts staff, they were asked about what adjustments could be made to the draft class and if names and attributes could be edited. They responded by saying the following:

  • “Yes, you have full editing over the draft class. In addition, we have added back in a robust create a player system.  Details on this will come closer to launch.”

The question remaining is whether the create a player feature will be exclusive to MyLEAGUE only or if it will be available throughout the different games modes in NBA 2K15, including just a basic create a player to be used in regular games. With a release set for October 7, we should learn more details in the next month or so on the return of create a player in NBA 2K15, so stay tuned.

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