NBA 2K15 MyLEAGUE Mode Is Basically Association Mode On Steroids

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by Dean James

The NBA 2K series made it’s now current-gen debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last November, following the release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Both games differed in game modes and it appears that once again that will be the case this year with NBA 2K15 as well.

We already told you the other day about Crew Mode being an exclusive to the last-gen versions, but now we have plenty of details about the  just announced current-gen exclusive MyLEAGUE on Xbox One and PS4, courtesy of an interview by Senior Producers of Visual Concepts, Rob Jones and Erick Boenisch, with Operation Sports.

Within MyLEAGUE mode, you will have the option to play a single season or go for a full 80 year franchise, with you having complete control over everything in the league. Within MyLEAGUE, you can control from 1 to 30 teams at once, which includes the classic and Euroleague teams that you can import into the league as well. When asked about where the inspiration for this mode came from, they had to say the following:

  • “Well, we heard the community loud and clear about wanting a mode that could be fully customizable.  A mode that is more of a sandbox of options without limitations.  That is what MyLEAGUE is all about.  MyLEAGUE gives users the flexibility to do what they want at the pace they wish to do it.”

For those looking to play the 80 year franchise, but need shorter seasons, you will have the option between, 14, 29, 58, and 82 game seasons in MyLEAGUE. You will also be able to adjust the playoff series length, but you cannot change the number of teams in the playoffs. The full interview can be found right here with more details, but when asked to give a quick message to the fans about the mode, this was the response:

  • “It’s a mode created for our core user, who wants the NBA just the way they like it.   And the best part, there are still a LOT more features (including core logic) for this mode that we’ll be talking about down the line when we talk MyGM (as these features are shared between the two modes).  We’re ecstatic to see what you think about our year 2 next gen efforts now that we’ve had a year under our belts with the consoles…”

NBA 2K14 will be releasing on October 7 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, with a different version releasing for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on the same date.

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