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NBA Live 16 Will Give NBA 2K16 A Run For Its Money Says EA

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports is confident that NBA Live 16 will be able to challenge NBA 2K16 this year.

A fan asked a question to EA Sports if NBA Live 16 will give NBA 2K16 “a run for its money this year“. The EA Sports NBA Live Twitter page responded with a confident “yup“.

EA Sports seems as confident as ever that NBA Live 16 will be the year it can finally challenge NBA 2K16. Past efforts such as NBA Live 14 and NBA Live 15 failed to hit the mark with fans.

2K’s NBA 2K series started to gain lots of ground when EA Sports took a hiatus from making NBA games. After EA Sports cancelled NBA Elite 11 and NBA Live 13, things were not looking good.

NBA Live 16 is set to reveal a new online mode that will be shown off at Gamescom this August. As for 2K Sports, they’ve revealed a lot from NBA 2K16 already.

NBA 2K16 will have a story directed and written by Spike Lee. He will be involved in the game’s MyCareer mode. Not to mention the game will have Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and Jame Harden on the cover.

NBA Live 16 on the other hand has Russell Westbrook on the cover only. Not a bad choice as he was on fire during the regular season earlier this year.

It will be interesting to see if EA Sports is telling the truth and that NBA Live 16 will be as good as NBA 2K16.

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