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New Need For Speed Arriving This Year

by William Schwartz


They don’t come quite as often as they used to, but Electronic Arts and Ghost Games has a new Need For Speed game in the works and it’s set to arrive later this year.  In a blog post on the Need For Speed website, Ghost Games reveals that the game will arrive by the end of the year.

The announcement sounds like a primer for more details at E3 2017, but we do get a little bit of information about the game.  Ghost Games mentions a couple of things that appear to be in Need for Speed 2017.  First is customization, and they sound pretty staunch about keeping a deep level of customization in Need for Speed games going forward, saying it’ll “play as strong a role as ever as we move forward into the next game and beyond.”

Next, they talk about the police, and the satisfying nature of a police chases in Need for Speed games.  It’s definitely sounding like there will be police chases in the next game.

They also reveal that this Need for Speed game will have an offline mode.  There will be a single player experience that is completely offline, which caused somewhat of a problem in the last game.

Ghost Games is responsible for the 2015 reboot of the franchise.  Unfortunately reviews came in for it lower than EA was probably hoping for, while it tried to be a worthy successor to the likes of the Underground games, it never quite met the level of quality or fanfare that those games had.

You can check out our review of Need for Speed, we gave the game a 3/5 calling the customization and racing “fantastic,” but the always online aspects and performance issues dragged the game down.  It sounds like Ghost Games is looking to keep what fans and critics liked, while fixing what they didn’t.

We’ll likely be hearing a lot more about this new Need For Speed title when EA Play and E3 2017 roll around next month.

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