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New No More Heroes Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

by Kyle Hanson


The cult classic is finally coming back with Nintendo announcing that Suda51’s No More Heroes returning for Nintendo Switch. Not technically titled No More Heroes 3, this is a sequel to the first two titles nonetheless. The game is actually called ‘Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’, and might mix up the standard gameplay quite a bit. We unfortunately haven’t seen enough to say just yet, but for the fans of this much loved, yet woefully underappreciated series, this is great news.

The game has the signature style down at least, with a cryptic, funny, confusing trailer that presents the story of the game quite clearly as a sequel. According to the presentation, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes takes place seven years after the first games. Travis and his foe are sucked into a phatom gaming console and must defeat all six games in order to escape. This allows a lot of freedom in terms of style and gameplay, and it looks like Suda51 is taking advantage.

The games encountered within the console seem to be developed at least in part by other indie developers. Hotline Miami flashed across the screen at one point to show potential collaboration taking place to develop this title. The release date is in 2018, so there’s still lots of time for more info to be released. Watch for that soon.

Travis Strikes Again: PAX West Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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