New Update for The Forest Adds Enhanced Dismemberment, Improved Co-op and More

by AOTF Staff

Endnight Games’ Early Access survival horror game, The Forest, has just received an update to v0.13. The latest patch has added a slew of enhancements and additions, the most notable of which include a smoother cooperative experience and more savage combat. Now you can take on the cannibalistic opposition with more brutality, as bodies will not explode any more when chopped. Instead, individual body parts will be removed. This should make Dead Space’s necromorph showdowns seem tame by comparison.

Surely everyone will be happy to hear that pairing up with a friend (or three) just became a more seamless and enjoyable experience. In addition to audio and delay solutions, all enemy types and new character model variations (say goodbye to staring at your clone) have been added to multiplayer. Expect some new crafting recipes, too.

There’s a fairly extensive list of changes contained with this update. So if you’re interested in seeing all the revamped content available, head over here for a full rundown.