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Next Black Ops 4 Operation: Apocalypse Begins July 9th

The new Black Ops 4 Operation is just a week away.

by William Schwartz


The next Operation in Call of Duty was slated for July, and now we have a concrete release date for the new content.  Treyarch has revealed that Operation Apocalypse will begin on July 9th and released a short (very short) teaser of the new content.  As usual, the Operation will head out to PlayStation 4 first, and then to Xbox and PC.  Details regarding Operation Apocalypse are slim, though you can expect the content to be available on July 9th if you play on PlayStation 4.

We do know that the next Operation will see the release of a new zombies map called Alpha Omega, and it’s expected to be an entirely different theme than what we have currently.

Fans of Call of Duty and Black Ops 4 have had a lot of updates to chew on recently and not all of them have been great.  The most recent addition to Blackout has been Blackjack’s Stash, which some say make the mode pay to win as it allows players to access guns that are only available through supply crates that are sold for real world cash.

Whether or not Treyarch has any plans to tweak this system in the near future is unclear, but this would be an opportunity to do so.

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