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Nintendo Goes all out for Amiibo on the E3 2015 Show Floor – Pictures of Wave 5 & 6, Animal Crossing, and More

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo might not have made the biggest splash with their E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, but they have definitely pulled out all the stops on Amiibo. The collectible figurines have spread from Smash Bros., to Mario Party, and now to Animal Crossing, with a few smaller titles mixed in.

On the E3 2015 show floor Amiibo took center stage, with two massive displays showing off a bunch of upcoming figures. We were there and grabbed hi-res images of all of them, which can be seen  on the next few pages.

Nintendo really has went all out for Amiibo as of late. Of course, this is no surprise given the products ridiculous success. But what is surprising is how high the figure’s quality has remained.

Many of the latest figures are certainly some of the best Amiibo ever released. Palutena and Ganondorf are particular favorites among the Wave 5 Amiibo crowd. The newly announced 30th Anniversary 8-Bit Mario looks very unique, and the Animal Crossing figures do the characters justice. And let’s not forget the three variants of Yarn Yoshi, which look great and bring a piece of the game to life.

Amiibo fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, of course the question still remains, will they be able to actually buy them. Check out all the pictures on the next two pages.

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