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Nintendo Reportedly Will Be Fixing Joy-Cons With Drift Issue For Free

A welcome offer for Nintendo Switch owners.

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch has been a major success since it launched a couple years ago, with a major component of the system being the hybrid nature. The detachable Joy-Con controllers play a big part in how the system is used, but an issue quickly popped up where Switch owners were experiencing drift with their analog sticks. Nintendo somewhat addressed the issue yesterday after a class action lawsuit was filed with a simple statement, and now it sounds like they are actually doing something to help those affected.

According to a report from Vice, they were sent an internal Nintendo documentation that was sent out to customer service representatives. This documentation stated that Nintendo would not be charging anybody for Joy-Con repairs and even would be refunding those that had previously paid to have them replaced.

Supposedly the customer representatives are still instructed to try and troubleshoot the issue for players before having them send it in for the free repair. This is said to be for anybody too, regardless of whether you have a warranty on the system or not. It was also mentioned that a proof of purchase was not necessary either for the repair.

This is certainly good news to hear, though it’s pretty frustrating that Nintendo chose not to act on this fairly widespread issue until after the class action lawsuit was filed recently. Regardless, this hopefully will solve many of the issues people are having with Joy-Con drift.

While Nintendo has not officially announced the free repairs at this point, you should contact Nintendo’s customer support if you want to start the process of getting yours repaired and find out for sure.

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