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New Nintendo Switch Mobile App Update Fixes Its Two Biggest Issues

by Jelani James


Nintendo has and released update 1.10 for its Switch mobile app for iOS and Android and it finally allows users to do what it should have been permitted in the first place: chat while other apps are in use or when your phone’s screen is switched off.

As you might recall, the Nintendo Switch mobile app was released back in July as a companion app for the titular console. Unfortunately, the app left much to be desired, with users being unable to do other activities such as look up guides or check messages while the app was active or be able to use it at all if the screen wasn’t on.

With the coming of update 1.10, however, it appears that these issues have been fixed. Now, according to Nintendo’s official website, “voice chat will now continue when other apps are opened” and “voice chat will now continue during sleep mode.” There is also mention of other issues being resolved, but what those issues might be wasn’t specified.

Despite the update, there is still one major issue that the Switch mobile app suffers from: multiple apps with microphones/audio output. Users won’t be able to switch between this app and another one if it uses the device’s microphone or includes audio output. As such, turning on others apps that makes use of the device’s audio output, like Spotify or YouTube, will likely interrupt chat.

That said, users are already starting to take notice and while they aren’t giving the update outright praise, they do note that this is a step in the right direction.

“This is definitely good and it’s a step in get right direction,” one redditor wrote. “However fixing a completely broken app doesn’t make the overall voice implementation any better. Baby steps I guess.”

“We’re one step closer,” another wrote. “Next thing they need to do is build the function onto the console and delete the app.”

The Nintendo Switch mobile app is one of the features that will be covered once Nintendo launches its paid online service, so its good to see the company working out the kinks sooner, rather than later. Similarly, it will be interesting to see what updates or features gets applied to the app before the service goes live.

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