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Nintendo Switch Will Support MicroSDXC Cards Up To 2 TB

| January 15, 2017

Nintendo Switch Will Support MicroSDXC Cards Up To 2 TB News Nintendo  Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch finally had its grand unveiling during a live presentation in Tokyo, Japan this past Thursday. In that presentation, the actual system information was somewhat limited, but further reports after provided more info. During yesterday’s Nintendo Treehouse Live, it was reported that the Nintendo Switch would support microSDXC cards up to 256 GB, but Nintendo has now confirmed that it will support much more, eventually.

The Nintendo Switch itself will come with a minuscule 32 GB of space compared to modern platforms, but thankfully Nintendo offers you the option to upgrade your storage capacity via microSDXC cards. The initial statement seemed kind of limiting with the ability to only expand to 256 GB, but now Nintendo has issued a statement to Game Informer that goes against the official information.

“Switch is compatible with the SDXC standard, which supports up to 2TB.”

While this sounds good and everything, microSDXC cards up to 2 TB aren’t even available to purchase at this point in time. As of right now, the largest size microSDXC card available for purchase to the general public is only 256 GB, which is likely why that number was referenced yesterday. These range around $200 to buy, so this definitely will cost you a lot of money to invest in for the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike something like the PS Vita that required proprietary memory cards for storage, the Switch is going the route of a platform like the Nintendo 3DS that allows most microSD cards. While the prices are high, the amount of space is much better compared to that of the PS Vita memory cards.

What does help with the smaller size of the Nintendo Switch HDD is that fact that the games will not have to be installed like on the PS4 and Xbox One. This may make it harder for people to go all digital, but you can just simply go with getting cartridges and not worry as much about space.

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  • Living While Alive


  • AtomicMetroid

    It’s simple: No Metroid, No buy. That’s why I never bought a WiiU. I think we’re witnessing the death of Nintendo. They are so out-of-touch with their fan base that its mind-blowing

    • Wrightie

      Here here!!! Metroid Prime is… and probably always will be my favorite game. I still dust off the GC once or twice a year for a play through.

  • Lon Grove

    Ouch! A Switch, 256 GB microSDXC card, extra Joy-con, and two games would set you back $700 before tax.

  • Tga215

    This is up there with the Xbox one 2013 E3

    • HardWorkingFamilyMan

      Very true

      • Tga215

        O do tell me cause I would really like to know

        • HardWorkingFamilyMan

          See, told you.

          • Tga215

            Um ok have a good night sir

          • efnet

            Tga215 is pretty cool, i gamed with him before on the xbox one.

          • HardWorkingFamilyMan


          • Tga215

            He took it the wrong way lol

          • Guest

            LOL you MS fanboys are insane…

          • HardWorkingFamilyMan

            But I have a PS4 so…….

          • Allen

            Seriously. Dude was just talking about how I need to seek help and here he is raging on another xbox fanboy.

          • Guest

            The funny part is how tga called this site (attackofthefanboy) a sony fanboy site, yet he gets attacked by a sexually frustrated mental xbot here. LOL

            PS: He changed his original reply. He doesn’t own up to what he said… Typical…

          • HardWorkingFamilyMan

            Hahaha you’re cute. I’d really like to meet you and your girlfriend Allen. Even though I wouldn’t be surprised if you 2 were the same person. Just watching you 2 bully people on the internet intrigues me. It’s very pathetic how you treat people. Just to meet you 2 and visually see how pathetic and puny you are would make more sense on why you treat people like garbage.

      • Allen

        I love how you are criticizing me for being a troll in one article while you just attacked this dude that’s pretty neutral (he actually leans heavy to xbox but is still pretty neutral minded).

        Yeah….about who needed help….seek it bro. You can deal with your random anger issues and delusional world you accept. It’s not healthy and if you got a family like you say then you owe it to them to seek that help.

        • HardWorkingFamilyMan

          Great comeback bro. Take what I said and say it back too me. Classic unoriginality.

          • Allen

            Okay wacko. You got some freaking anger issues kid.

          • HardWorkingFamilyMan

            Stop saying the same shit over and over again. You are so unoriginal. What part of my last comment was considered angry? I guess when you get put in your place and have nothing to say you just keep repeating yourself.

          • Allen

            lol you are a dumb ass. You were fucking going ape shit over something an Xbox fan said. You attacked him like some raging lunatic! Then you went back and changed your comment. lol, you are pathetic dude.

          • HardWorkingFamilyMan

            Going ape shit on a gaming website? Lol. Only you would read into that Allen. Why would any of us go ape shit about games? You are too funny or just a sad individual. Grow up buddy. Then you called me a raging lunatic….haha. I have never changed any comment I’ve ever put on here. Seriously Allen, get some help or just delete your account because you need to get out if you live that much of your life through a gaming website. Maybe all these ppl on here making fun of you were right. I was hoping they all were wrong but it appears they were all right. Bye bye

          • Allen

            You are a fucking idiot. You did change your comment…the xbox fanboy you attacked replied to you, I did and another dude saw it too…moron. I seriously doubt your mental capacity right now because this is some fucked up crazy shit kid.

  • Mr. Ian

    I really don’t get what they’re trying to accomplish by making an overpowered handheld/underpowered console you can plug into your TV. They would have been much better off by creating a dedicated console in the Xbox One/PS4 league at a $199 price point and creating a stand-alone portable that integrates with the console at a $99 price point (ala PS3/Vita). A lot of parents are going to look at this as an expensive Gameboy that’s just going to get lost or broken.

    @AtomicMetroid:disqus : Nintendo has always catered to their Japanese market and Metroid was never popular in Japan.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Am I the only one who’s excited for the Switch? Because thanks to it we’re going to have Nintendo games on Playstation and Xbox soon.

  • Toya Brown


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